The reputation of our company is founded on five fundamental core values: INTEGRITY, VALUE, SERVICE, INNOVATION, and EXCELLENCE. By focusing on these core values we lay the foundation necessary to cultivate lasting relationships with customers and partners. BIZWI realizes that good people are critical to the success of any business. We pride ourselves on the skills and professionalism of our staff, and invest heavily in their training and development. When you receive service from BIZWI – whether it’s in on-site, via email or on the phone – you can be sure that you’re getting the best service, for the best price and on the fairest of terms.

Business Profile

BIZWI is Head Quartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We serve most internet and business Local and Toll Free Vanity Needs. We are a full service communications company.


At BIZWI, we are dedicated to helping your growing business take advantage of all the Web has to offer. We recognize that millions of small businesses need access to great vanity phone number which are offered to big businesses. Our group of professionals are dedicated to providing you the assistance needed to help your business brand grow online. We know you want someone you can count on. At BIZWI, creating your Brand is just the beginning. Your needs change as you become more successful. We’ll help you plan the future of your Branding and help you evaluate which solutions suit you best. Whether you are just getting started or are ready for a Vanity Local or Toll Free Number, BIZWI is the partner you’ve been looking for: a knowledgeable, reliable, cost-effective source for getting your business brand online. Together, we can build a relationship that works as hard for your business as you do. Your success is our success!


Our Highly motivated development team is continuously upgrading our systems and service offerings with the latest technology, creating new tools and features to make your Telecommunication needs easily maintained and reliable as possible. Our state-of-the-art operations center is equipped with systems to maximize reliability and security, allowing us to guarantee our customers 99.5+% uptime, a commitment that we proudly stand-by with every customer. Our staff is provided the latest in tools and equipment necessary to provide our customer’s with industry-leading customer service and support.

National Recognition

BIZWI is a fast growing, debt-free company. We have been providing top quality services to small and medium sized companies, as well as to individuals and non-profit organizations since year 2004. As a leading provider of Vanity Phone Number solutions, BIZWI has developed into a widely-known and well-respected company within the Telecom industry. Through hard work, thorough research, and careful planning, BIZWI continues to expand at a steady rate with flawless reputation nationwide.