Know your customers


Detect their presence and interact with them

Anticipate their needs and promote your products

Increase customer loyalty


Reward his trust

Enable your own loyalty program with your brand

Enable your own campaigns


Manage your own clients’ database

Get quick return on publicity investment

Interact with your customers

Anticipate customer needs and let them know offers and promotions available in store

Create loyalty programs with one click and make your store become a unique experience for your customers

Get rid of lines when customers go pay


Detect your clients in store


Create and send out promotions


Define your own loyalty programs


Enable mobile payments in store

Bizwi technology

Bizwi is a digital marketing platform that provides a 360° in-store digital experience:


  • Bizwi provides user interaction thru Wi-Fi technology.Once user detection feature is enabled, marketing processes can be triggered in store: create and distribute digital promotions/coupons, generate audience and business intelligence reports and also be part of cross-selling agreements with other merchants/brands available at Bizwi ecosystem.
  • Merchant Bizwi dashboard allows to define a fully personalized consumer experience with merchant logos, look&feel, corporate images, captive portals (in-store experience) and landing pages in internet. It also gets connected to traditional publicity methods based on Social networks.
  • Promotions and coupons may be also published over the internet thru Bizwi wallet ( where business promotions can be saved for easy retrieving.
  • Promotions and coupons may be also referred to one another with the option of rewarding referrers with loyalty points or even money (cash).
  • Mobile payments are a very important key in this 360° client experience as Bizwi also enables your business with unique and patented mobile payment experience.

online interaction, promotion, loyalty and mobile payments

Bizwi Dashboard will be the heart of your business: Look into statistics, create segmented and personalized promotions, redemption rated analysis and create customer behavior reports

a new experience

The best- in-class digitial marketing technology affordable now to every type of business